Powder Adhesive for Corrugated Paper Board Industry

grodex Autogum

Grodex Autogum Delux is specially designed powder adhesive for Automated corrugation plants.

Nowadays emergence of high speed Auto plants have compelled to go for adhesives which are specialty and can give results at low steam pressures.

Unique features of Grodex Autogum Delux

  • Grodex Autogum is three pack system powder adhesive.
  • Prepared from topica & Maize starch blended with quality Modified Starches.
  • Specific treatment to starch controls viscosity of liquid gum & consistent workable viscosity is guaranteed during pump circulation in automated plants(very limited drop in viscosity).
  • Suitable for high speed plants. Speed of 120+ can easily be achieved for Three Ply and for Five Ply minimum 100+ speed can be achieved.
  • Water mixing ratio is 1:5 (High quality Modified starch gurantees very high water mixing ratio) which results in low cost of liquid adhesive per liter.
  • Controls wastage of paper & guarantees almost 0% wastage of Paper.
  • Guaranteed moisture control. No absorption of moisture in corrugated sheets is found from next day.
  • Works excellent at very low steam pressure of 7.5. No need to go for high steam pressure which saves substantial money in terms of fuel and electricity.
  • High compression strength & bursting strength is guaranteed.
  • High Coverage (Guaranteed double coverage compared to other glues)
  • High tack at low gelling point , helps in minimum application of gum resulting in very high coverage.(2 to 2.5% of the paper converted on dry weight basis)
  • No drop in viscosity of liquid gum, next day & therefore No wastage of liquid gum. Next day same gum can be used after normal stirring.
  • Regular Exporter of Powder Adhesives for more than 10 Years


Product Water Ratio Solids Viscosity(+-5) PH Standard Pack
Delux 1:5 20% 60 Sec 12+ 50 kg

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Powder Adhesives For Corrugated Paper Boards