grodex Corrogum Dlx-150

grodex Corrogum Dlx-150

Corrugation or semi automic machinary is a tricky process.It has importance as it determines compression of the box.

grodex corrugum has been developed with very low viscosity & high gelling solids at low temparature.It develops high pin adhession at low gelling temparatures.

It can be used on latest high speed machines,very high coverage,exceptional pin adhession.even on high BF & High GSM vergin papers at high speeds,Instant dry liners(Two Ply),Guaranted increase in bursting & compression strength,very low warpage are some of its unique features.

grodex Corrogum Dlx-150 Specifications

APPLICATIONCold Process Corrugation gum powder for Corrugated Board Industry
BASEMODIFIED Tapioca Starch (Vegetable Base).
VISCOCITY18 seconds at 1: 5 water mixing ratio.
PH7 to 9
MESH70 mesh.
SHELF LIFEShelf Life of Powder is 12 months from the date of Manufacturing
POT LIFEPot Life of Gum is only 36 hours, if kept hygienically.
PRESERVATIVESDo not add any preservatives in it. Addition of Preservatives may reduce viscosity and adhesion of the liquid gum
HIGH COVERAGECorrogum has very low viscosity of 18 seconds at 1 : 5 Water mixing ratio. Therefore lifting of the gum on the roller will be negligible. Please make sure that sufficient gum quantity is released thru roller. Compared to any other glue, COROGUM will give you 2 to 3 times better coverage.

This gum gives instant bond on drying as soon as it passes through heater. No need to wait for air drying. Instant bond and instant drying of liners at the point of heating are its unique features.

No need to wait for liners to dry out. You can simply proceed for pasting of liners. Complete tearing off of fibres as soon as liner comes out of heater, is guaranteed. Perfectly suitable for high B/F and high gsm papers.

BETTER RESULTFor faster drying / curing of sheets, Low warpage, more B/S,More compression and better feel to bare hands, etc. always prefer To work with high solids and low viscosity.

Take entire 175 Ltrs of water in a gum vessel. Start stirrer and add gradually grodex corrogum powder to water. Let entire powder dissolve in water.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes powder to get dissolve in water.Continue stirring for 20 to 25 minutes. Milky white gum is now ready.

Do not use gum immediately after preparing. This gum will give better results if kept overnight. Always stir well before taking it to corrugation machine from gum vessel.

ANTI FUNGUSThe product has been given anti fungus treatment in the Manufacturing process itself and therefore actual users are requested not to add any Anti Fungus Chemicals to it. Such addition may reduce viscosity and Pin Adhesion of the gum.

All above information is based on findings in our laboratory and results may vary at the actual floor level at the time of its consumption, depending upon hardness of water, heat and humidity in the atmosphere, cleanliness of the gum vessel, gum trey and gum roller.


grodex Corrogum powder (Cold Process)

We have developed different grades to suit different machine as some of them are as below-

Product GradePackingBaseWater Mix RatioSolidsViscosityPH
grodex Corrogum Dlx35kgMaize & Tapioca1:516.5%18 sec7 to 9
grodex Corrogum T-10035kgMaize & Tapioca1:516.5%25 sec9 to 10
grodex Corrogum N/15035kgMaize & Tapioca1:516.5%20 sec7 to 9
grodex ATG35kgTapioca1:420%30 sec9 to 10

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