grodex CP/ NU Chemical Free - Starch Based Pasting Powder

grodex CP/ NU Chemical Free

grodex CP/NU is a pure starch based product made without caustic or any other chemical.

It gives very fast drying,guaranted moisture resistance in any weather/climatic condition,improves B/S,C/S substantially to allow corrugator to maintain very high B/S & C/S. even with lower gramage or lower B/F Papers.

No Marking on vergin papers is guaranted.It is food/dharma grade glue which guarantees no fungus & no pin rusting.Suitable for deep refrigeration & exports.


APPLICATIONCold Process Pasting in Corrugated paper Board Industry
BASEMaize Starch (Vegetable Base) 100% ECO Friendly.
VISCOSITYOn Ford Cup No. 4, 1: 4 water mixing ratio Viscosity 40 to 45 seconds, at solids 20%
WATER SOLUBILITY99% water soluble.
PH6 to 6.7
SHELF LIFEShelf Life of Powder is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
POT LIFEPot Life of liquid Gum is 120 hours if kept hygienically.
Do Not Add any ChemicalThe product has been given anti fungus treatment in the manufacturing process itself and therefore actual users are requested not to add any Anti Fungus Chemicals to it. Such addition may reduce viscosity and Pin Adhesion of the gum
Drying & Plasticization Moisture Regain etc

This is alkaline gum. Caustic is used in this gum as a catalyst.Caustic is hygroscopic and has a tendency to catch moisture even from open air.

Therefore boxes made of alkaline gum will have tendency to catch moisture even though dried completely in the manufacturing process. Such boxes are likely to catch moisture under following circumstances -

  • 1.If Boxes are kept in Deep Fridge where humidity rises.
  • 2.If Boxes are kept uncovered in rainy conditions.
  • 3.In High seas/containers (Exports) where humidity goes too high.

Addition of moisture after actual packing of final finished goods in it,will cause lower compression. Boxes are likely to collapse resulting in damage to packed finished goods in it.

If box regains moisture, it may cause fungus growth on the surface of the box, as humid surface creates conjugal atmosphere for fungus growth.

To avoid this problem you can use Dextrin based neutral gum powders which do not catch moisture on complete drying,in any weather conditions.

grodex C/P neutral Humectants used in the grodex C/P neutral pasting gum slow the drying rate of the film, to allow a more plastic film.This gum is basically used for moisture or humidity control and therefore sufficient time is required to be given to dry down and allow maximum plasticization. In a rainy season or in a highly humid climatic condition allow pasted sheets for at least 24 to 36 hours to dry down to allow maximum plastic film formation

We also certify that we have not added any chemical, of any kind, acid or alkali in the said product before, at the time and even after manufacturing process. This is just a combination of Highest Quality Starch, roasted at different temperatures in different stages, to make it water-soluble and to develop viscosity.


All above information is based on findings in our laboratory and results may vary at the actual floor level at the time of its consumption, depending upon hardness of water, heat and humidity in the atmosphere, cleanliness of the gum vessel, gum trey and gum roller.

How To Make

First take entire 4 units of water in a vessel mounted by High speed stirrer. Start stirrer and add gradual flow of cold pasting powder. Do not put entire 1 unit of powder at a time to avoid lumps formation. After putting 1 unit of pasting powder in to the water, make sure that there is no lumps formation and entire powder has been dissolved in to water.

You will get a dark golden brown solution from it. Continue stirring for at least 15 minutes to ensure highest solubility and maximum solid percentage. Ensure viscosity on B-4 cup as 30 to 35 seconds. Check Solids. It has to be 20%.


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