Moisture Resitant Gum Powder for Corrugated Paper board Industries

Moisture Resitant Gum Powder

Moisture in the paper board is the main problem of corrugators. Most of the gum powders available in the market are fast curing but gain moisture even after drying in humid climatic condition. Gaining of moisture in the box results in negative bursting and compression strength.

Corrugators either use high B/F and High GSM papers or high solids gum to get desired bursting and compression to the box. But if gum is hygroscopic then box is bound to gain moisture even after complete drying.

By using grodex moisture resistant grades, corrogators can use lower B/F and lower GSM and still get higher bursting and compression to the box

We have developed both pasting and corrugationAdhesives which will not attract moisture once dried fully and therefore guarantee positive bursting and compression to the box.


  • Perfectly suitable for export boxes
  • Guaranteed moisture resistance in any climatic conditions
  • Avoids fungus growth
  • Avoids rusting of pains
  • Low warp and low wash board
  • Beautiful finish and ads to aesthetics


ProductBaseWater RatioSolidsViscosity(+-5)PHPack
grodex corrogum dlx Tapioca1:420%171040 kg
grodex cold pastTapioca1:420%20740 kg

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