Why you should choose starch gum for your corrugated paper box business

Why you should choose starch gum for your corrugated paper box business

Your corrugated paper board and box products require high-grade adhesive to provide lasting strength and utility. While synthetic glues are more common, the advantages of using starch based natural agro-adhesives will definitely make you switch to them. Read below to find out why your products and profits will be much better with Gromotech starch adhesives.

Better Adhesion

Starch glues have much higher solid content than synthetic glues, which gives them better bonding strength and prevents delamination. Once completely dried, our starch glues make a strong, durable film that gives your boxes a stronger hold, and naturally a better shape and structure.

Moisture resistant

Gromotech gums are created after strenuous research and development, which has helped us manufacture gums that provide complete moisture resistance once completely dried.

Stiffness and compression strength

While synthetic glues only make a thin film on the paper surface, our starch glue penetrates the substance deep enough to offer it additional stiffness and increase the boxes’ compression strength.

No marks

Unlike the contemporary synthetic adhesives, Gromotech chemical free starch gum has no caustic. It doesn’t leave any markings or spots on virgin paper, and your products retain their serene colour.

Lower manufacture costs

High-quality synthetic glues cost a considerable amount. They are often not affordable for smaller manufacturers. On the other hand, starch based glues cost only a fraction and offer the same, if not better, quality results.


Starch based adhesives are composed of all organic substances, and they leave none to negligible residue. This makes them the preferred choice of environmentally conscious manufacturers.

Still not convinced that starch based adhesives are the better choice? Contact us or request a call back, and one of our experts will explain to you how our product can help you save on costs and improve the quality of your corrugated paper boards and boxes.