Benefits of Moisture Resistant Gum in Corrugated Paper Construction

For paper box manufacturers, moisture is a big problem. Whether it is boxes for pharmaceuticals products, for frozen foods, fast food, or export items, corrugated boxes have to hold strong not just under pressure, but withstand heat, cold, and moisture as well.

Conventional gum powders, despite being fast curing, are prone to catching moisture in humid conditions. Especially with hygroscopic gum, the strength of the box is very easily broken down even if high B/F & high GSM paper is used in construction. Just a touch of moisture compromises the compression strength of the boxes, resulting in negative bursting.

With moisture resistant gum like Grodex, corrugators can achieve higher bursting and compression with low B/F & GSM as well. Some of the benefits of using a moisture resistant grade gum are

  • Quick ready construction even in rainy season
  • It dries faster in cold weather and snow environment
  • Avoids fungal growth and rusting of paints
  • Gives a neat finish and adds to the aesthetics of boxes
  • High/Double coverage makes it cost-effective and high vale
  • Extremely easy to make – Just add water to the Grodex powder, and you’re ready!
  • Longer shelf life (12 months) compared to other gum options
  • Excellent Moisture Resistance

The excellent strength and resistance to damage make Grodex moisture resistance grade gum ideal for a number of applications, like:

  • Boxes for Ice creams, pizza, food takeout etc
  • Frozen products & deep fridge items
  • Packaging for pharmaceutical products
  • All Types of export boxes and heavy duty transport

Gromotech’s proprietary moisture resistant, easy to apply, gum makes weak and crumbling boxes issue of the past. The 100% pure starch gum powder with less than 2% moisture entrapment gives a smooth finish, heavy duty strength, and pasting that holds for long.